Maude’s story begins in the summer of 1976 (we all remember the summer of ’76, don’t we?) Maude began life as a run of the mil Austin Mini-Clubman, the Clubman line was produced with a radically styled front end (as opposed to the original front end on exsisting mini’s) to replace the then defunct Cooper series of Mini’s. She was purely stock when she rolled off the assembly line, a 998cc engine, and featured the “harvest gold” body colour with the nick-named “baby-poo” brown interior trimmings. Maude was one of the roughly 400 thousand Clubmans built between 1969 and 1980.

For the next 25 years, Maude found herself a comfortable home in Hertfordshire, U.K. She was well maintained, and cruised the streets of the U.K. for over two decades. It wasn’t until late 2004 that Maude would be in for the biggest shock of her life.

In the latter months of 2004, Maude, who was presumably deemed too old for continued driving, found herself on the world wide web, and up for auction. Proclaimed as an original Clubman, Maude was eventually sold to what would hopefully be her new long term owner, in California.

It was only after her new owner had obtained her, had her exsistence become questionable. Given California’s strict licensing rules, her new owner found himself unable to legally use her in that state. With no real use, and with a heavy heart, Maude was once again on the auction Block.

Fate then interviened. A Mini-Mover for the past decade, “Big Al” Guest picked up the adorable little Mini, with hopes of moving her to the great white north, and in hopes of locating a new long-term owner. There she sat, in the protective care of Big-Al, wondering when she would finally find her new long term owner.

In the summer months of 2007, Ryan Adams, a mini fan, finally brought up the courage to at least attempt to purchase a Mini. Refered to Big-Al through a local Mini specialist, Ryan soon fell in love with the Mini Clubman. Shortly afterwards, and after some convincing and begging, Maude was his, his dream had come true after all.

Maude had finally found its new permenant owner. Through a bit of work, and loving care, Maude was made to what she is today, a unique, Mini-Clubman. With more upgrades planned for the future, Maude can rest assured that she won’t be going anywhere’s soon.